The logo of modern office – human resource management system and compensation management system

The society has entered the era of computers, and every department or unit will have to achieve office automation, otherwise it will not keep up with the times. You didn’t see that now whether you go to the bank to access the money, go to the mall to buy goods or buy goods online, or go to the train station to buy tickets, etc., most of the content related to people’s life work and study are computer Come on. In fact, each department has a computer office system in various departments. This is one of the signs that companies are moving towards modernization. The human resource management system and the compensation management system are the most important signs.

The human resources management system integrates the experience of each department to develop eight commonly used modules, which are human resource planning, personnel recruitment and configuration, training development and implementation, line efficiency assessment and implementation, compensation and benefits, personnel management, and career. Management and employee relationship management. Only these eight modules contain all the content related to people in the employer. For an employee, just enter his number, then all the information of this employee will be presented. Instead of having to ask a department or a department like before.

The salary management system is also a sign that the enterprise is moving towards modern management. In the past, the unit gave people the labor, we must first look at the attendance, and then according to the attendance control unit system, see if there is any leave, please take a few days, please how many days, how to Calculate wages, etc., at a glance, you know that it is very troublesome. Now, with this salary management system, there is no need to be so troublesome. As long as the most basic information of the employees is input, the wages are naturally formed.

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