CNCo Bulk Logistics

The China Navigation Company has a proven track record in developing efficient cargo handling and logistics solutions with floating terminal and transhipment capabilities. Our expertise in this field enables us to meet the demands of the most challenging locations.

CNCo currently operates M.V. Erawan on long-term charter to Ok Tedi Mining Limited (OTML) in Papua New Guinea. Stationed at the mouth of the Fly River, Erawan is a 64,643 DWT / 76,996 CBM geared Panamax vessel that has been specially modified to serve as a dedicated storage and transhipment vessel, receiving and discharging copper concentrate from the OTML mine to and from feeders and export vessels.

Erawan is equipped with three 30-tonne specialised grab cranes with extended arms, enabling coverage of all of the vessel’s holds, and sufficient outreach to discharge and load vessels alongside up to Handymax size. The grabs have stainless steel buckets designed to minimise spillage and carryover, and are fitted with strain gauges that measure the weight of each lift to an accuracy of 0.5%. Specially designed software enables her crew to maintain a full record of the location of each grab lift and discharge. The silo ship also has a laboratory on board to enable moisture content of the copper concentrate to be determined on site.

Since starting her contract to OTML in 1999, Erawan has transhipped a million tonnes of copper concentrate every year. Each of her three grab cranes can lift up to 19 tons of concentrate at a time, and when working continuously Erawan can shift up to 15,000 tonnes a day. At a rough average cost of US$5,000 per tonne, Erawan tranships cargo worth around US$75million every day.

Erawan’s success is the result of CNCo’s unique ability to design and operate tailor-made logistical solutions that work.

CNCo also partake in the Capesize bulk shipping sector and currently bareboat charter the MV Erradale and have the MV Bulk Hong Kong on long term time charter.