Can children really learn robotic programming classes?

In the global stem teaching system, the robot programming class is a very important subject, which is offered in many places abroad. Many parents see that programming means that it is impossible for children to learn such a course, because in adult understanding, so-called programming is countless codes and various equations. ( )

However, the programming and code we have learned is not the same thing. Can not be classified as an equal sign.

First, the purpose of programming is to achieve certain goals, and code is just a means of achieving programming goals. The robotic programming class for children is like a four-wheel drive course. It is more of a conceptual practice lesson, but it is undeniable that it does produce works. For example, through the four-wheel drive course, children can use their processed parts to assemble their own four-wheel drive. Through the robot programming class, children can set their own actions and actions. ( )

Just this way, they can make them full of fantasy about science. Of course, the real coding part of the students can not see, the children need to know why, and what can be achieved. Is it not natural to know how to achieve the results you want when you grow up?

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